Due to "public demand" we asked Tony Judd to provide us with his summary notes of the 9.15am Service which he led at KMC on Sunday 18th June, which he has kindly done. So, for those of us who missed it, or would like to remind ourselves what was said and sung, here goes :


"Last Sunday’s 9.15 service was not recorded.  This is a summary of what I said, but to get the full effect you must read, or preferably sing, the hymns.

(Note that the service took place before the Finsbury Park attack).   


"Sheep without a Shepherd"

A series of special one-off events for emerging leaders in all walks of life, using the world-class leadership videos from the Global Leadership Summit, produced  by Willow Creek Association.


Who is it for?

  • Leadership hopefuls, emerging leaders and established leaders
  • Leaders of small groups, bible studies, teams
  • Leaders in the church, and leaders in the community
  • Leaders in the work-place and leaders at home

Your hosts at KMC


Meeting Type: 

The photograph, opposite, was taken on a day out to the lovely Trentham Gardens. When one of my friends saw it she wrote the word ‘Freedom’ underneath. It made me start thinking about the word ‘Freedom’ and how wonderful it would be if we felt real freedom in life, in Church, in worship, in doing what God asks us to do. A great verse from the Bible is: 2 Corinthians Chapter 3 Verse 17 ‘Now the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom’.

Have you ever wondered what is provided for children when they leave the main worship area?

Well we are now calling this a new name KMC-KIDZ.


Currently KMC Kidz is split into four groups and these have been given new names. These are -


KMC-CRECHE 0-3yr olds who meet in room two. The room has been refurbished and is full of toys. Here the children learn through play.



Big Church Day Out - North

Big Church Day Out - over 2 days at Capesthorne Hall.


On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June

at Capesthorne Hall from 10am—10.15pm

The ‘Big Church Day Out’ is coming to the North!


"Open The Book" teams from Knutsford and Northwich will be performing at the Bible Society/Open the Book venue.

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Hampers Of Hope

Knutsford Methodist Church supports Hampers of Hope, a Christian charity which has 2 strands:
  • Provision of emergency food support in North East Cheshire
  • Hope Centres, one of which is in Knutsford, to try to address the underlying causes   of shortage of food and offer practical help. 

Rooms for Hire

Did you know that we hire out our hall and community rooms?