Have you ever wondered what is provided for children when they leave the main worship area?

Well we are now calling this a new name KMC-KIDZ.


Currently KMC Kidz is split into four groups and these have been given new names. These are -


KMC-CRECHE 0-3yr olds who meet in room two. The room has been refurbished and is full of toys. Here the children learn through play.

KMC-KIDZONE 3-7 year olds who meet in room five. This group play age related games, do crafts and listen to stories from the Bible.

KMC-KIDZONEXTRA 7-11 year olds who meet in room four. In a similar manner this group again play games and do crafts and through discussion find out more about God.

KMC-YOUTH 11+ in room six. Led by Dan, this group learn by ‘doing life together’ and learning in depth about the love of God in a ‘fresh’ way.

The leaders are always available to discuss any questions you may have but if you require any additional information please contact Peter Freeman at the church office.