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Chelford House Group (Thursdays monthly)

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Group leaders: Alan and Angela

We are one of the more recently established House Groups, having been meeting since October 2014.  

There was need to provide a meeting place for people in the Chelford area who wanted to get to know other Christians in the locality.  So Chelford House Group was born.

We meet monthly - usually at 7.30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  We welcome new members and consider ourselves to be an ecumenical group.  Our ages range from over 40 and under 80 but all of us with a youthful outlook and a modern way of looking at the Christian faith.  Alan and Angela host and lead the group but all the members are capable and willing to take on a leader role.

A typical evening would start with a social "catch up" followed by the main discussion/study and close with a review of pastoral concerns and prayer.

What do we use to guide our discussion?  Typically, this would be a published set of notes, video and/or commentary intended to provoke thought and understanding of Scriptures.  We try to discern how they might guide our response to contemporary issues, locally, nationally and in the wider world.  It's not all "serious", we do laugh a lot and always enjoy celebrating special occasions.  We also support one another when there is a need.