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Christian Aid Week : May 13th to 19th

Christian Aid Week: Together we’re stronger than the storms

In Haiti, Marcelin raised his three daughters alone. They’ve endured some of the worst natural disasters on earth. They’re not just survivors. They’re fighters. But they’re only so strong. They won’t survive the next hurricane without your help.

Marcelin Abellard and his daughters Ketia, Linda and Keshna still haven’t recovered from Hurricane Matthew. Marcelin doesn’t expect them to survive if another hurricane hits.

It’s over a year since Marcelin and his daughters lost their home, but they’re still living in a 2x2m windowless concrete block.


This Christian Aid Week, you can be in their corner.

You can help them build a home that will weather the next storm, so they won’t need to fight to survive anymore. Christian Aid Week unites kingdom builders like you from all walks of life. We step out in mission for our neighbours like Marcelin, because we believe in life before death. We believe God’s kingdom is stronger than the storms.

This Christian Aid Week, 13-19 May, KMC will once again be collecting door to door in Knutsford. Will you join us? If our church can raise £210, we could pay for two days’ construction training for a local builder in Haiti. The builder could then build secure, comfortable homes for people like Marcelin, giving them a safe place to weather the next disaster, and a fighting chance to build a better life.

Please speak to Jo Taylor if you'd like to help.  Together we can be stronger than the storms.

Sunday, 13 May 2018 - 1:00am
End Date: 
Saturday, 19 May 2018 - 9:00pm