Dan Harris report (March 2018)

This past month has been infused by the goodness that heaven has extended in our direction! KMCyouth and KMCyoungAdults, yet again, have experienced the privilege of enjoying the joy that God continues to claim as BELONGING TO US! KMCyouth have been wrestling and debating with some of the ‘topics that usually aren’t discussed in church’. We have been exploring what it means to value each others' differing views, whilst at the same time stepping into our biblical mandate to challenge and question how to live out the every day supernatural Christian experience.


KMCYoungAdults have been invading restaurants and cafes all across the Knutsford town centre. We have been living right in the centre of our community and putting ‘out light on a stand’. We have been allowing Holy Spirit to demonstrate to us AGAIN that he isn’t just interested in our Sunday church gatherings but is also fussed about our intimate and unique gathers and spaces where we banter, laugh and do life together. Our Ethos Squad continues to journey at a pace that is suitable to us. We cheer each other on, support and encourage each other. It continues to be a privilege to communicate what the Father is saying to the students at Knutsford Academy years 7,8,9,10 and 11. To see the sea of faces looking back at me soaking up the good news of Jesus violently calm love NEVER GETS OLD!

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to dream with Gods heart for us.

All love.


Dan Harris