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Friendship Cafe Latest News (May) by Carol-Ann Erwin

"What fun to turn up at KMC on a Friday morning to chat, drink coffee, play dominoes, assemble jigsaws, watch armchair netball, and keep fit, reminisce about old times and generally benefit from a "feel good" few hours.

Not only all this "buzz" but knowing within your heart you are in some small way bringing a bit of joy and comfort to those living with dementia and their carers.

Being part of the Friendship Café volunteering is such a privilege and lifts the spirits - knowing that in little ways we are turning what may have been a sad, lonely or overwhelming day into one of calm, peace and hope.

It is so beneficial to be part of a team who all have different reasons for being there but who, in their hearts, realise they are caring for the wider community as well as the church family.

Such a worthwhile cause."

Carol Ann Erwin, Volunteer

at Friendship Café

If you feel you would like to come along and

see if helping at the Cafe is for you, please

speak with Eve James or Paula Lambe