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KMC Monday morning group (weekly)

Meeting Type: 

Group leader: Scott

Venue - Knutsford Methodist Church Room 6

Time - 9.45-11 am term time

Size - 2-5 at present, has been larger in the past, we are seeking new members.

Suitability - Everybody is welcome.  Parents/Grandparents can find it supportive as we also welcome children.  There are no creche facilities.  However over the last 6 years we have always managed to keep our children content or included (if they wish) during the session whilst adults have opportunity for connecting socially and spiritually with each other.

What we provide - Refreshments, toys, fellowship, some course material.

Format - we open and close in prayer.  This is either facilitated by our leader or group members as they feel comfortable.  There is no pressure.  We have recently been following Canon J John's DVDs followed by group discussion based around questions related to the subject.  This has proved a fun, relevant and poignant way of sharing the gospel in this intimate group.  We are always willing to try new ways and welcome suggestions.