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New Book, by Rev Rob Cotton : "Hope in the Main Street.

Do you wonder how you and your Church could make a positive contribution to the life of your town?

Do you see the needs around you in society, yet do not know how to make a difference?

Do you want to move beyond hearing sermons about good news to the poor and instead to be that good news?


Rob’s book, launched locally on Easter Sunday, is now available. With endorsements from Andy Hawthorne, Freddie Kofi, Loraine Mellor, Andrew Lunn, Rt. Rev. Bishop Mike Hill and Keith Garner, and Forewords by Roy Crowne, Chris Blake and Steve Wild, Rob’s reflections and perceptions draw from his experiences in serving God within local communities and include lots of references to events and experiences that will be very familiar to those at KMC.


The book focuses on the church’s place in bringing hope, Christ’s message and God’s love-in-action within the communities it serves. The book is available through Amazon in May and will be in bookshops in July. Copies are also available at KMC on Sundays.