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"A New Thing in Northwich" ; update

One of the four elements of our circuit vision centres on evangelism and seeking to increase an awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s

love. This in turn means we need to:

• To grow numerically by developing confidence in evangelism, to be able to speak of God and our faith in ways that makes sense to all we meet in our daily life and work

• Use District resources to explore mission and evangelism issues

• Support churches as they explore new opportunities and fresh ways of being church in their communities

• Use resources such as 'Back to Church Sunday',' Alpha', 'Come as you are', 'Compass' and Deepening Discipleship plus other discipleship courses, to provide

seekers with the opportunities to explore faith issues.

In line with this circuit vision, the leadership team recognised the need to reach out into a different circuit and begin the work of planting a new Kingdom Community, and so began the work in Northwich.

The Northwich Core Team, led by Dan Harris, has been commissioned and will be developing the new Kingdom Community ‘A New Thing in Northwich’ in the coming

months. This is a Pilot Project and the team needs prayer for the work that they will be doing as they live from the reality of Kingdom culture. The team will grow together spiritually and organically in the purposes of God’s will. It is our role to support prayerfully and to 'cheer on'. So do encourage this team who will eventually (God willing) lead a community that does life together.

We have commissioned a team to lead a community, not to plant another Sunday church service. A commitment to prayer is essential.

Dan Harris is now part of the ‘Pioneer Pathway,’ a creative community of Pioneers within the Methodist Church, which will offer additional support and oversight alongside that of two Districts and our two Circuits.

He gives us the following update …

“It was hugely exciting to be commissioned and prayed for as part of the team on stage at KMC on 14th January. The experience of KMC as a whole church family standing alongside us as a team, cheering us on, and championing us as we endeavour to explore what a kingdom-shaped community looks like over in Northwich, was overwhelming!

Since our commissioning, as a team we have been dreaming, gathering regularly, planning and scheming to the max. We have been ‘coffeeing’ each other, eating great food together, laughing, praying, soaking in God’s Word and loving each other. At the celebration event on 25th March at Weaverham High School we invited people to join us as we worship together and look to pursue God’s heart in a new space.

Please continue to pray for us as we explore a variety of missional opportunities within the local context. Your prayers are what fuels us!”