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News from Carol Cotton, our Church and Community Pastoral Worker (December)

Hi Everyone,

‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all’

I wonder, what are your Christmas or New Year family traditions? Do you eat the same things for Christmas meals, do you always go to the pantomime, do you go for a long walk on Boxing Day? Some of the traditions we enjoyed as a family, when the children were younger, have changed now our children have family of their own. However, mess with a traditional Christmas lunch and Sarah, my daughter, would not be a happy bunny. One big thing we do as a whole family is have a day where Rob’s brothers, sister and all of their families get together. We rotate around each home and this year is Rob’s sisters turn. During the afternoon we have the obligatory ‘stairs’ photo. It is a Cotton family tradition that all the cousins sit on the stairs and have a family photo taken. It is fun and a little stressful, there are lots of “look over here”, “say cheese”, “sit still” and we older ones doing strange things behind the camera to make them laugh. When they were younger at least one person was looking the other way, another picking their nose, at least one was crying and another fighting to get off the stairs! However we persist, it is tradition after all! Now we have a whole new generation joining the stairs.


Rob and I have a tradition on New Years Day of looking back over the year past, with whatever has happened and hand it to God with thanks. Then we commit the year ahead to Him, not really knowing what is in store, but knowing for sure that we need to know God’s peace, presence and love through it all. Some of you will be looking back at 2017 with joy and others feeling that for whatever reason it has been a difficult and challenging year. May you all know that God is with you in all of it and that he has promised never to leave us.


Cameo will not meet in December as the fourth Sunday is Christmas Eve, we will resume on January 28th, depending on the weather.

Some of our young families had a lovely evening out at Shamoli Restaurant in Knutsford the other week. If you are reading this and you have family under the age of 12 then this group is for you; keep watch for future events. Thank you to those who baby sat for people for this evening. I have quite a list of good babysitters, who have undergone DBS checks, for you to choose from. The next get together is for the whole family to make lanterns on 9th December at 3.30pm at KMC, with refreshments served and then joining the lantern parade and ending with the open air crib service. Suzy Keen is leading on all of this, or you can speak to me.


I am still looking out for someone, or maybe a couple, to co-ordinate the furniture store for me, if you would like to know more come and have a chat.

On Saturday April 14th we will be having another led Quiet Day at Foxhill House from 9.30am—4pm which includes drinks and lunch. Transport is available if needed. More information coming soon. Speak to me to put your name down.

Recently 3 of our Church members have died, Jane Coulthard, Jean Darbyshire and Noel Paterson We will miss them and our love and prayers go to the families. I know that these families will feel the kindness and support of KMC at this time.


A quote for you from Mother Teresa: “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”

At our recent pastoral meeting we discussed a few tweaks to the pastoral system. We are removing the layer of Pastoral Area Leaders, so now all pastoral visitors will come directly to me if they need further support. We will focus particularly in supporting the elderly, those house bound or in full time care and people with long term illness.

The home groups, Tuesday fellowship, Monday Club, The Friendship Cafe and now the young families group provide great pastoral support to each other too. There is support for people at Tuesday lunches and also at the regular Communion services that Rob takes in various places. If you know of someone who may need a visit from myself or Rob please let us know.


Carol Cotton

Church and Community Pastoral Worker