News from Carol Cotton, our Church and Community Pastoral Worker (July/August)

Hi Everyone,

I want to begin this letter by saying thank you very much to those of you who sent cards, flowers and prayers after my operation, I really appreciated it. The recovery from surgery has been good.

When, my son Tim was a young boy, he became fascinated with tortoises. He desperately wanted a real one but we compromised by encouraging him to begin a collection of "artificial" tortoises. I think over the years the collection grew to over 100. When he left home to go to University there was no room for these tortoises so they are all now boxed up in the bottom of a wardrobe. But, even though Tim had this lovely collection, his desire for a real, live tortoise never wavered. So, when Tim and Alex married a year ago, all of his friends clubbed together and bought him a tortoise and tortoise house.

Tim and Alex love her and tell me that she has a great personality and is very funny! Negotiating hibernation was a very traumatic experience for them and they were relieved when Lola woke up in the spring . We get sent lots of photos and stories about Lola. As I thought about Tim and his journey to owning his own tortoise, it made me think of a couple of things. First, a quote for you: “I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards” (Abraham Lincoln). Sometimes that can be true of our faith experience. We seem to make slow progress and would love to move faster in our relationship with God, but the big thing is not to go backwards.

The other thing I thought was how Tim had loved his collection of tortoises as he grew up, but really they never replaced his desire to own the real thing. Going through the motions of coming to Church and fellowship groups is a good thing, but nothing can ever replace having a real, growing, personal relationship with God through Jesus. Once the real thing is in place, everything else has a deeper meaning for us.


Holiday at Home booking leaflets are now available, either from me or in the Church Office. The first day is Tuesday 15th August, which will be in Church from 9am—2pm and will include a speaker, fun activities and a 2 course lunch. The second one is a garden lunch, with singing, on Tuesday 22nd August at the home of Brenda and Steve Wilkinson. Each day will cost £6 and transport will be available. Make sure you pick up a form soon and book.


Please read the separate article in the notices about TWAM (Tools with a Mission), which will be the focus of our Harvest Festival this year.

Information sheets are available with what you can give. Please can I ask again for one or two people to consider allowing us to use a garage or shed for temporary storage.

Have a great summer and be refreshed and ready for September and all that God will have in store for us, our families and our Church.


Carol Cotton

Church and Community Pastoral Worker