News from our Children and Families Worker (June)

It has been an exciting time for the church, not only with Firefest but also for me as Children and Families Worker. My diary has been filled with new exciting ventures which is really thrilling.


Firstly, I was contacted by the teacher of Year 3 at Lower Peover who had been talking to one of the Beaver leaders who visited the church last month. She asked if we could host 30 seven year old children as they investigated the similarities and differences between C of E, Baptist and Methodist denominations as part of their RE studies. Naturally I am delighted that on Friday 19th May they will be visiting KMC before moving on to a Baptist Church.


In a similar manner the Y1 teachers at Bexton Primary School have asked if we can give their six year old children ‘The Marriage Experience’, so I have asked if my mother can play for the wedding(s) and Rob to perform a mock marriage ceremony! There are 64 children coming along so again this is really exciting. My ambition is that every child should feel that Knutsford Methodist Church is a welcoming place where they can learn more about Jesus.


In the last few weeks I have attended a conference, led by Scripture Union, called ‘Growing Young’ and discussed how to engage with children, families and youth. The aim of the course was to point out how the leading churches across the nation involve and retain young people. We discussed the findings of the research that one of the six core commitments of churches doing well with young people is that they excel at empathizing with them. ‘Empathy is sitting on the curb of a young person’s life, celebrating their dreams, and grieving over their despair. Instead of judging young adults today as “lazy” or “entitled,” these churches recognize that young people face particular challenges on their paths toward identity, belonging, and purpose, and they journey with them.’ We talked at the conference about how to involve our young people in decision making, and in children’s ministry; that is by asking their opinions, (as Rob asked of me for the 2020 Vision) as well as smiling at them and talking to them when they engage us in conversation.


At Firefest, I organised with Shane Rootes, a 4:1 on the Saturday which was risky because 4:1 is normally on a Sunday! However the families of the church did me proud with some coming for the first time as well as some of the regulars. We were also blessed with a large number of more senior members of the church. The format was the same as our monthly service but with Shane leading the singing, rather than yours truly, it added to the praise element. The feedback was excellent but more importantly the children had fun and God was praised.


Peter Freeman

Children and Families Worker