News from our Youth and Young Adults Lay Worker, Dan Harris (June)

Living in the rhythm of Gods grace and goodness is an exciting place to live!

Joel, Evie, Sophie, Autumn-Louise and Shunita from The Message Academy joined us last week and that is exactly where we chose to do life from. We experienced the Holy Spirit doing a bunch of fun things in loads of different places and surprising us with His ever present 'small voice'.

Amongst the various events and activities we joined The Welcome Church and had the blessing of rolling our sleeves up and planting pretty flowers (pretty flower names aren't my forte so I won't attempt to tell you them) all around the estate.

We joined with the Young Adults and led a prophetic evening. We listened to God’s voice well and allowed ourselves the space to be 'wrong' while laughing with each other and enjoy his presence.


Our KMCyouth night was awesome!!! The Message Trust folk had us dancing, singing and acting like proper doughnuts. The guys also went on the road and joined with Rob, Peter Freeman and Shane Rootes in leading worship and sharing testimony on stage in Southport. To see their boldness in sharing was brilliant. Huge huge thanks go to Martin and Liz Howden, Vicky Royal, Suzie, and the Waltons for hosting the guys. You are all BEAUTIFUL for putting up with my manic schedule, providing the guys with meals and loving them so well!!!

Our schools work continues to go from strength to strength. We now have the chance to share Jesus and the unwatered down gospel with years 7,8,9,10 AND 11. It remains a massive blessing that we will never take for granted. Knutsford Academy has been brilliant in allowing us to share so openly and not restricting how we share our Jesus message.

Sunday Night Live continues to be a space where God brings break through. I loved the worship session led by Becki and Pete a few weeks back. It felt like God smiled at the intimacy of our gathering and moulded and shaped hearts in the space.

Our Ethos crew are exploring what it means to have a bold identity that is stained by Gods precious goodness. They continue to be an inquisitive group! We and God LOVE questions!


May Day was awesome fun to be a part of. Our Young Adults squad got to be a beacon of who Jesus says we are, loving out-loud right out in the open.

In our KMCyouth Sunday spaces we continue to delve deeper in our relationships. We are all about relationship! As we learn from Gods word, He is encouraging us as we encourage each other.

Please continue to join us in praying for our Young Adults and Youth. We love you and your prayers and feel them!

All the love. Dan

Dan Harris, Responsible for Youth and Young Adults