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Oberammegau Passion Play 2020 : possible KMC trip

Imagine a small Bavarian village nestling in the shadows of the Alps in 1633. The great plague descended and many lives were lost to this mysterious illness. The villagers made a solemn vow that, if the lives of the villagers were spared, the whole village would perform a play every ten years, depicting the story of Christ’s suffering, dying and resurrection. Miraculously the plague did not claim any more lives and so, true to their vows, the villagers of Oberammergau enacted their first play in 1634. This tradition, which has continued without interruption every decade since, in spite of war and other problems, will be enacted for the 42nd time in 2020.

Famous throughout the world, it is expected that around 500,000 people will attend the Passion Play in 2020, over half of these will be guests from around the world. To maintain the tradition of the solemn vow the villagers made in 1633, everyone taking part in the play must have been born in Oberammergau and the surrounding villages, or must have lived in the village for at least 20 years. At times, the stage also holds small herds of sheep and goats, donkeys, a horse and armoured Roman soldiers.

From Ash Wednesday, 2019, all of the performers let their hair grow - the men also let their beards grow - so that they have an authentic biblical appearance. Altogether there will be more than 2000 Oberammergau villagers taking part in this world famous play in 2020.


Rob and Carol are considering a trip to the Passion Play as part of a holiday in the area, there will be more details about the trip and costs as soon as possible. We know that people cannot commit until more details are available but it would be good to have some idea if this may be of interest to people, dependent upon cost. We anticipate the trip to be around June in 2020. Please speak to Carol or Rob if you think you may be interested.