Open the Book : HELP! Goliath is missing! ...[ March]

Gathering together the props for an Open the Book presentation can have its ups and downs, and I’m not just talking about the steps that enable us to reach the banners and storage boxes on the top shelf in what we OTB-ers call The Cupboard of Doom. We are acutely aware of the many other people and organisations that share space in this walk-in gloryhole behind the vestry, and my heart often goes out to the communion stewards who have to climb over cushions, music stands, lamps, bubble machines, chairs, speakers, bags of costumes, Temple Columns, boats, campfires, crowns, burning bushes, and a variety of pigs, lions, camels and other beasts to get at the rails for the Sunday service.


So, it is hardly surprising that in the general muddle, occasionally things go missing. But, who’d have thought it would be a 7 foot giant wearing full armour and carrying a shield? We looked everywhere – on the shelves, in all the other cupboards around the church where we stash stuff, in our attics, in the garage – I even accused the now-departed (‘departed’ as in ‘moved away’, not RIP) Jenny Mossman of hiding him in Alderley Edge somewhere. My sister, ordained in the Anglican Church, rather unhelpfully suggested we look for him in Gath and quoted 1 Samuel 17. I suggested she keep her suggestions to herself.

A consequence of the Missing Person Problem was a request for more (well, different) space, a rethink of how we store things, a general sort out and a chance to renew some of the somewhat tattered scenery, costumes and props that have served our teams so well over the years. We are currently in negotiation with Property Committee for another, dedicated cupboard and will shortly be after MORE VOLUNTEERS (oh yes – again!) to help sort, label, renew and organise what we hope will be a more streamlined, snazzy, accessible collection as we head into the last half term of storytelling in Bexton, Egerton and Manor Park. We are also excited that David James is going to finish off the Year 1 stories at Over Peover after a short break following Jenny’s departure (to Ealing, rather than heaven).

We love storytelling, we love our volunteers, we love the work that God is doing in the schools that we visit, we love our prayer supporters and we love the patient way people have shared space with us in the Cupboard of Doom. And with grateful hearts we can share the breaking news that Goliath is found! He was at the back of the shelf, hiding under a whale, an ark and Jeremiah’s well. Well, well...................

Liz Howden (and Jill Lee: co-Giant Finders)