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"Outreach in your street", by David James [March]

This month our focus is on three outreach prayer initiatives. Please pray for them and about your possible participation.

In Your street

This is well underway now but there is still time to get involved. Prayer cards are available in the church foyer. Please take as many as you need.

Thy Kingdom Come -

“Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that began in the Church of England in 2016. The Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting people around the world to join the movement, and the Methodist Church of Britain has become a partner in the initiative. The World Methodist Council is also encouraging Methodists across the world to take part.

The aim of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is that Christians pray that people might know Jesus Christ during

a focused time between Ascension and Pentecost from 10 - 20 May 2018.

That quote comes from the Methodist Church website. We hope that many of us at KMC will join the movement. Details on how we will facilitate this will be given near the time.

KMC Prayer Evening

The date for this is yet to be finalised but it will be an opportunity to spend some time in prayer at a variety of prayer stations, each providing a different focus or way to pray. There will also be a half hour gathering for prayer.

Would you be prepared to help co-ordinate KMC’s involvement with ‘Thy Kingdom Come’? Contact David James for more information.


Are you considering taking part in the KMC ‘in Your Street’ prayer initiative?


There are three possible levels of involvement.

1. Pray regularly up to Easter for the occupants of your street.

2. In addition, deliver one of our cards to every house in your street. The cards contain details of how prayer requests can be sent to the church.

3. If you’re comfortable doing so, add your address to the card, offering your neighbours the option of posting prayer requests back to you.

Cards will be available from the office soon, but if you would like more information talk to Carol Cotton or David James.


Outreach dinner with speaker

Would you be prepared to be part of a team organising an outreach dinner sometime in 2018? The idea is that with the right venue and the right speaker this would be an evening we would be comfortable inviting our non-Christian friends to, where they would hear a gospel message and thoroughly enjoy the experience. It will also be a great church social.

Contact David James if you would be prepared to serve in this way.