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Peter Freeman (Children and Family Worker) [April 2018]

Christ is Risen! – He is Risen Indeed!      Happy Easter to you all.

As always, this has been a busy time for me and my team of helpers. In the half term holiday, at the end of February, we held our second Messy Church this calendar year. Again, it was held in the morning at 10:00am, the same time as we hold Jolly Tots in term time. We had thirty children which, with the parents, meant we cooked meals for around forty five people.

Our theme was ‘Stairway to Heaven’ the story of Jacob and his dream of angels going up and down a ladder. The best bit for the children was making a visual representation of the dream by placing a piece of curly-wurly in a sponge bun and gluing jelly babies to the curly-wurly with icing and placing candy floss on the top as shown in the picture.

It appears that holiday mornings are better for families than after school, indicated by increased attendance. Currently the ages of the children who attend are quite young BUT Messy Church is about family time and the crafts are challenging for all.


On the 5th March the parenting class, the ‘Care for the Family, Time Out for Parents - The Teenage Years’ ended. The course was very well received with many positive comments about the course content and its practical nature. I have attached an advert for the next course which commences on 17th April 2018 and is entitled ‘Time Out for Parents – The Early Years’ and this is written for parents with children pre-school age.

If you would like to attend, or know someone who has pre-school children, please ask them to get in touch with the church office and book a place, as places are limited. The popularity of the first course should mean a good take up for this one.


By the time you read this we will have held the Easter Experience when 140 children come into the church to learn about all the events of Holy Week. I am very excited about this because it is the first time ALL the community Primary Schools are coming which is fantastic. Without a supportive team of about 16 people we could not do this outreach work.

I continue to visit the pre-school at Bexton, weekly, and was asked to explain what I do as part of their learning about ‘People who Help Us’. As well, I have been reading Bible Stories, finishing the term with the story of the first Easter. I read a line from the story and encourage the children to do actions or sounds that illustrate the point eg. children making donkey Eee-aws and clipity clop sounds for the donkey carrying Jesus into Jerusalem. We have also looked at the story of Joseph, Moses, and Jonah.

It is great being involved in the children’s learning.

Peter Freeman

Children and Families Worker