Rev Rob Cotton's 46th Epistle to Knutsford (June)

Dear Friends,

What an amazing time we have shared together at Firefest, with guest speakers Bishop Mike Hill (from Bristol) and worship leader Shane Rootes (Washington DC). There was certainly something for everyone during the weekend conference. The ‘All In’ Worship of 4:1 on the Saturday afternoon, with craft activities, puppets and songs led by Shane ,complete with cowboy lasso and horse riding actions, was contrasted by the in-depth Bible teaching available from Bishop Mike! Both have been described as inspirational, with Shane’s seminars both challenging and equipping those involved in worship and a good number of others who attended.

Shane’s teaching about God’s creation and order was a clear message that we need to plan well in advance as we seek to move forward in our worship life together. There was a sense of people being set free in their worship, which was particularly enabled by the special platform erected for the event and clearly being able to see those leading worship.

As part of our equipping and nurturing the body of Christ at KMC (a clear priority in our 2020’s Vision), it was good to have such high calibre world class speakers available to teach strategically important and spiritually transformative material. When church members start to quote back the sermon points and teaching received during prayer meetings and staff meetings, I know that what has been sown in people’s lives, will definitely produce a harvest. Certainly the impact on some people has already been a great personal encouragement to me and has thrilled my heart.


Firefest has certainly been very timely, as we form a working party to reflect upon how we develop our Worship and Teaching together, alongside a second working group reflecting upon our ‘Reaching Out’. There is a strong sense that these areas are regarded by the church as key priorities for our future, as we reflect upon the responses to our ‘2020’s Vision Questionnaire’ and so these working parties will proactively sift through all that has been shared, making recommendations to our June 28th Church Council. We continue journeying together to realise the ‘2020’s Vision’ that God has laid on our hearts.

Some who have recently begun worshipping at KMC are exploring becoming members of our church, in preparation for our New Members Service on June 4th at 9.15am which, I am sure, will be an opportunity for all of us to reflect upon our commitment to Christ and to serving Him within the church.

Our Pentecost Sunday Picnic will also be a time to share with friends from other churches as ‘The Church leaves the building’ and, as the reigning Champion, I was looking forward to the return match of Crocker ‘Rev Atkinson v Rev Cotton!’ Sadly Nigel has another engagement, so I am now the referee!!


Whilst the level of response to our ‘2020’s Vision’ has been very encouraging and we do now have a strong sense of our priorities as a Church, with the Church Council having a real mandate for the future, we do still need people to make their personal response in contributing to realising the Vision. Do ask for another copy of the form required if you need it.


‘The Big Church day Out’ (BCDO) at Capesthorne Hall on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June, with many of the top international Christian artistes, is an amazing opportunity for the local church, but it also has great outreach potential with over a third of those attending having no real church affiliation! How good therefore, that our ‘Open the Book’ teams are sharing presentations as part of the overall programme. Do explore the programme on their website to see if you, or your family and friends might like to attend

Pentecost is an important season within the life of the Church as the Holy Spirit empowered the early Church. We pray that as a church today, we also will be released in mission and ministry through the empowering of God’s Holy Spirit. Key to this, will be making the most of those opportunities (such as Firefest) to learn together and encountering God in our worship. Therefore, I am already planning for us to welcome Shane

Rootes back to KMC on October 29th and also to enable us to develop further next year’s Firefest Conference from 11th – 13th May 2018. Please do book all of these dates in your diaries, planners and calendars now to ensure that we are equipped to be ‘A discipleship/ holiness movement shaped for mission’.

As we now approach this season of Pentecost, as I wrote last month, it is my hope that we can all be people who passionately share the love of God, may we also be Christ centred and Spirit led.

Your friend and Minister,


Rev. Rob Cotton