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Tabley Road House Group (Wednesdays weekly)

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Group leader: Gill

Wednesdays 7.45-9.30 pm weekly

Our home group came together a couple of years ago due to the fact that we both wanted to attend and we still had our daughter at home.  Since then a few others have joined and we have chosen to meet weekly 7.45-9.30 pm each Wednesday. Life happens, cancellations are inevitable but that's our intention at least!

Put quite simply - our aim is to grow in our understanding of who God is and how He would have us relate to Him and others by focusing on His Word.  So we take a book of the Bible and together seek to see/consider what it says, what it might mean - and how we might apply it - a section at a time.

We believe the bible is the inspired Word of God which He would have us read, study, reflect on and apply whoever we are, in whatever sphere of influence He has given us.  

From memory we've covered a number of NT books - Mark/John/Romans/Hebrews/1and2 Peter, and Revelation - which was something of a challenge!  From the OT - Ruth/Daniel and parts of Leviticus and some Psalms.

In addition to study, we pray regularly for each other, our ministry team, the wider church family, as well as for the circuit.

We consider it a privilege to be able to meet together in freedom as a group of believers - any who are interested in coming along just to see how the evening runs is welcome to drop in any Wedneday term time.