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Young Adults

Meeting Type: 

When?    Bi-monthly Mondays (2nd & 4th each month)

Where?  Mellor Crescent

Welcome to the Young Adults of KMC

We're a banter loving, Jesus seeking, friendly bunch experiencing life together.  We're a mixed group of singles, marrieds, students, professionals and everything else in between.  We're aged roughly between 18 and 30 (though there are a couple of exceptions!).

We love God a lot!  Our official meets don't follow a strict format but God is always there whether we're reading his word together or catching up on life (drinks and nibbles are standard).  We love hanging out with Him but also with each other whether it's meeting up for a pub lunch after church, catching a movie, or getting away for the weekend.  We like people!  So, we'll invite you for coffeee, hang out with you, and before you know it you'll be part of the pack.

You are loved <3