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Dear Friends,

What wonderful times of worship and fellowship we shared over the Easter season, including the new Kingdom Community ‘zacs house’ Celebration on Palm Sunday at Weaverham High School, with Godfrey Birtill leading us in worship and The Good News Singers on Good Friday, once again sharing a most poignant and inspirational evening with us.

"What fun to turn up at KMC on a Friday morning to chat, drink coffee, play dominoes, assemble jigsaws, watch armchair netball, and keep fit, reminisce about old times and generally benefit from a "feel good" few hours.

Not only all this "buzz" but knowing within your heart you are in some small way bringing a bit of joy and comfort to those living with dementia and their carers.

Do you wonder how you and your Church could make a positive contribution to the life of your town?

Do you see the needs around you in society, yet do not know how to make a difference?

Do you want to move beyond hearing sermons about good news to the poor and instead to be that good news?


One of the four elements of our circuit vision centres on evangelism and seeking to increase an awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s

love. This in turn means we need to:

• To grow numerically by developing confidence in evangelism, to be able to speak of God and our faith in ways that makes sense to all we meet in our daily life and work

• Use District resources to explore mission and evangelism issues

• Support churches as they explore new opportunities and fresh ways of being church in their communities

This past month has been an awesome time of discovering EVEN further revelation of God’s truth.

As I start writing this article ( 8th April), Dawn and I have just spotted the first swallow of the year. Maybe spring has at last arrived! This indicates that FIREFEST is just around the corner and I am sure, elsewhere in the magazine, Rob will be telling you all about the wonderful weekend planned here at KMC.