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Mereheath Lane House Group (Tuesdays)

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Group leader: Bud

We are a group of fifteen KMC members who meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month (if there is a 5th Tuesday we have a week off!).

The name of the group gives a clue as to our venue!

This started as a small post-Alpha group in 1997 but has welcomed new members over the years and now has 15 adults and one dog.  Yes!  Oonagh the schnauzer listens with half an ear but joins in enthusiastically with the Grace at the end!

Generally, we follow published Bible study booklets such as the Life Builder Bible Study Series and our discussions are led by Bud each week, although others stand in when he is away.  Our meetings are quite informal and a set question in the study book may prompt us to digress somewhat on to other important issues related to our church or personal lives.  Studies recently have included 'New Testament Characters', the book of Job and Proverbs.

We meet at 8pm and chat among ourselves for about ten minutes.  We then have an opportunity for prayer if anyone feels they have an issue to pray for or to thank God for.  Our Bible reading and study session then lasts about an hour and is followed by tea, coffee and delicious biscuits.

To close the evening we all make a note of topics and people that need prayer in the coming week and finally we say the Grace together.