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Creative prayer no 7

October – the time when we think about the Harvest and giving thanks to God for ‘all good gifts around us’. With this in mind, I thought that this month’s Creative Prayer could be focused on dinnertime.

We often say a prayer before we eat, but what about praying as we eat? With little children, we can say thank you for our peas, carrots, fish, chicken, sausages and broccoli (!!).

For children who are a little bit older we can say thank you for farmers and shops, for those who buy our food and cook for us.

For those who are older still, we can think about people who don’t have much food. Perhaps we can even say sorry for the times when we take our food for granted or complain about it.

Why don’t you see how many different prayers you can come up with?

I hope this month’s creative prayer gives us all food for thought (sorry about that!).

Happy praying!

God bless, Jenny


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