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Men's Breakfasts at KMC

“We men are not very good at talking to each other. That’s something the women do much better”.
And with that thought, so began, around ten years ago, the Men’s Breakfasts at Knutsford Methodist Church.
The format is simple, and we have found that it works.
We don’t meet in a hall, in church, or in large intimidating groups.
We do meet in groups of 6-8, in each other’s homes, about 3-4 times per year. We have several homes available to us, so using this small group format we can cater for around 40 men on any given date.  We do this on a Sunday morning, from 08.30am – 10.15am, approx once every three months. We eat a cooked breakfast together, we chat about our families, our work, our lives, our interests -- and sport always seems to find a way in there.
We also have a short reading or "thought" to give us something to think about in our spiritual lives. The atmosphere is low key, friendly. Above all else it gives us a chance to meet and get to know some other men around Knutsford – and to form long-lasting relationships.
If you think this might appeal to you, please simply get in touch with me, Martin Howden, via the Church Office.  
Give it a go! – there is no long-term commitment, no requirement to be a member of the Methodist Church, no obligation at all – just have a breakfast and a chat, and see if it works for you.  
It turns out we men are not so bad at talking to each other after all – we just need an opportunity!
Martin Howden