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Creative Prayer no. 10 by Jenny Mossman

Mmmm, pancakes! How do you like to eat yours? Maybe it’s with sugar and lemon, or syrup, or maybe a healthy option – salad, tuna, chilli or cheese.

February is the month we usually celebrate Pancake Day - otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. This year Shrove Tuesday falls on the 21st February, however, the date changes each year. Shrove Tuesday is the beginning of the season of Lent. During Lent we remember how Jesus was tempted in the desert after 40 days of fasting.  On Shrove Tuesday it is traditional to use up all the ‘naughty foods’. Two of these 'naughty foods', which were not allowed in Lent, would have been butter and eggs. Along with flour, they are the main ingredients for making pancakes.

This month we are going to pray as we eat our pancakes. Quite often people have lemon and sugar on their pancakes. It made me think…these two things have very different tastes. Sugar is very sweet and really tasty. Sweet things often make us smile. Lemons are very sour and we often cringe or feel tears in our eyes when we taste something sour. Life is full of things that make us smile and things that make us cringe or cry.

So, this Shrove Tuesday, when you get your pancake, try a little taste of lemon. Think about how it tastes, think about how sour it is. As you taste it think about something sad that you would like to talk to God about. It might be about you, or about someone you love or for people in the world who are suffering. Then try a bit of sugar. As you taste it, think about something lovely in your life, something or someone you would like to say thank you to God for.

Foodie Fact… just a little snack!

The world's biggest pancake was cooked in Rochdale in 1994. It was an amazing 15 metres in diameter, weighed three tonnes and had an estimated two million calories.

What I want to know is, where did they get the frying pan from?

I hope you enjoy your pancakes!



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