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Creative Prayer no.11, by Jenny Mossman

I seem to be doing a lot of my creative prayer ideas around food these days. What with cinder toffee, pancakes and now sweeties, I think I need to think up some jogging prayers!
Anyway, back to the sweets. For this prayer you will need a packet of different coloured sweets, for example Smarties, Skittles or even the left over (!) Quality Street from Christmas.

Take out the colours listed below and get everyone to choose one. Each person says a prayer according to the colour they have chosen:
Red Wow prayer (Tell God how amazing He is)
Orange Sorry prayer
Yellow Thank You prayer
Green Please prayer
Purple Help prayer
You can say your prayers one at a time; however, this might be uncomfortable for those who say a sorry prayer. I suggest that either everyone could say their prayers quietly, or everyone could shout out their prayers together, after the count of three.
Of course there will be colours left over. What happens to those? Well,
a) You could all devise your own new categories or
b) just eat them!
Love and blessings, Jenny


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