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Steward Profile : Heather Lawrence

I was born and lived in East Kilbride, 10 miles south of Glasgow, until my early twenties, moving over the border into Cumbria when I got married. We could still see Scotland from the bedroom window so all was well. When Tony’s job had him travelling up & down to Manchester we made the decision to move. Little did we know he would then spend most of his time travelling up & down to Cumbria.

We moved to Knutsford on a Friday and, not knowing where a URC was, were invited to KMC by the only person we knew in Knutsford “until we got our bearings”. That was over 17 years ago.

I was brought up in the Church of Scotland. My first Church memories are of a huge rocking horse in the Church hall where I played while my mum was at the young mothers’ group. I could only have been 3 or 4 at the time and may explain why my first role within KMC was as crèche helper. On moving to Cumbria I joined the United Reformed Church where I and both boys were baptised. Funnily, the boys went to the Methodist Sunday School as the URC didn’t have one.

I studies optics at Glasgow College of Technology, now Caledonian Uni, and trained in Inverness as an ophthalmic optician, now known as optometrist as it’s easier to spell. 30 years later I am still working as an optometrist, asking people if it looks better “with or without”. A few months ago my workload was cut to two mornings a week and thoughts turned to what I could do, perhaps within the Church, to fill my time. Something in the background and not too onerous perhaps?

My faith has always been important to me. At times through my life more in the background but always there. As I have looked back over the years at the paths and decisions made and thought “that was lucky”, I realise now “that was God”. My path now has taken an unexpected turn, stewarding was not on the agenda, but with God’s help and yours, I aim to fulfil this role to the best of my ability.

God Bless, Heather.


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