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Facebook and Personal Security, by Liz McGrath

Do you tweet or are you a Facebook user?

I have recently got involved with the Churches Facebook page. And in my role for the outreach committee in engaging with the local groups in Knutsford twitter has been invaluable resource. All this social media has really started me thinking about how the church engages with social media and what benefits can it bring to the life of the church? Are there any pit falls we should avoid?

Rob Cotton (@robcotton4) has recently joined twitter and I know he has found it useful to engage with other local groups and promote KMC activities to them. But does KMC need a Twitter feed? How can we make the best use of the social media to enhance church communication and engagement?

To explore the topic and more KMC is going to hold Café Church on ‘Media and Engaging Contemporary Society on 7th September at 7pm. Please come along and join the discussion on how we as a church make use of the social media revolution.

Knutsford Methodist Church Facebook Page

KMC has had a Facebook page for a while but recently with the Praying with Purpose at Pentecost I posted each day’s topics of prayer and was pleasantly surprised by the feedback and interaction the page had from the users. There are articles from Open Doors shared on the Facebook Page and where possible we have used the page to promote events using Facebook but the promotion of these events depends on people sharing them and so the success of this is limited.

My question is how do we continue to build on this success? Do users want to continue along the same theme as Praying with Purpose? Posting topics for prayer for each day? What other elements can we include?

However having a just page is limiting as I can only invite my Facebook friends to like the page and spreading the word and interacting with people in posts isn’t easy. So from later this year we will be looking at creating a Facebook profile for the church. I will keep you all posted and in the meantime, keep looking at the page!

For those of you on Facebook who have not found it search Knutsford Methodist Church from Facebook and like the page. And get in touch about what you would like to see on the page.

Personal security

Many people have concerns about their personal information and Facebook.

Can I please urge you all to look at your security settings.

The following recommendations are the minimum you need to do but I would recommend spending some time exploring.

Once you have Facebook open click on the settings (padlock icon)

Under the section ‘Who can see my stuff?’ I would recommend it set at ‘Friends Only’, especially for teenagers’ use.

As for the other settings in this section, use common sense.

When you go onto your profile page click on update info

Click on contact and basic info

Under Year of Birth click the padlock and make sure it is set to ‘only me’

Birthdates should not show the year of birth, don’t post your address, especially if your settings are public.

If you are struggling and need help with any of this, please contact me and ask. I will do my best to help.