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'Mind Ramp Ahead' by Dorothy Richards

Have you noticed that the road markings are becoming very worn and often difficult to see ? 

We were driving through Bristol recently when Pete saw a painted sign on the road which said 'Mind Ramp Ahead'. Well, that's what it should have said, but because some of it had been worn away by traffic constantly driving over it, what it actually said was 'I am ahead'!

Pete felt very strongly that it was God saying to him, 'Don't worry, I am with you'.  Pete wasn't, at that particular moment, worrying about anything but it was, once again, a re-assurance from God that He goes ahead of us in all our situations.  He is there before us, blessing us with His peace and His presence.  Things might not always turn out as we would wish but we can know that God's presence will always be with us and before us.

The signs on the road are sometimes very faint and sometimes the signs of God's presence are too.  We don't always recognise them but whether or not we feel it, we can rest assured that He is always walking with us.  We all experience 'ramps' in our lives at some time or another but I certainly didn't expect to know God's presence in a road sign!


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