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“In the morning You hear my voice O Lord; in the morning I prepare [a prayer, a sacrifice] for You and watch and wait [for You to speak to my heart].”  Psalm 5:3

How good are we at “watching and waiting” for God to speak to our hearts? This verse tells us that He does speak to us, if we will listen.


Please pray for our nation:


* As the Rugby World Cup continues, please praise God for the churches that are engaging with their communities in themed rugby events. A global prayer wave started the day before the World Cup began. Participating churches across the nations prayed at 8.00 pm local time, creating a prayer wave of people gathered in groups to cover the event in prayer.  Churches have organised rugby-themed prayer groups and church services, community festivals, family hosting for overseas visitors, screening matches in church buildings, hosting guest events, and more .

* According to one survey, 3 out of 5 people aren’t in favour of extending Sunday trading laws.  Please pray that the voices of churches, trade unions and retailers will be heard.

* Pray for the refugees relocating across the EU; and for those who have offered practical support.

* For the streets of Belfast to be free from terror - Prayer Alert.  Also, for safety and security in the country as a whole, as we remain on high alert for terror offences.

* Pray about gender discrimination in sharia law and also a bill, introduced by Baroness Cox, due to be debated in the House of Lords on 23rd Oct.  Campaign group Equal and Free has highlighted how sharia law impacts UK women. Forms of such discrimination include inequality in access to divorce (for men it is often effectively free and unconditional), polygamy (practised by men with multiple wives and numerous children), discriminatory child custody policies and inheritance laws, and the implicit sanctioning of domestic violence – Prayer Alert.

* Pray that the NHS and the Department of Health will be given wisdom to find the solution to overspending.  Also, for the NHS 111 helpline, said to be “dangerously understaffed” – Prayer Alert

* 1 600 people below the age of 35 commit suicide each year (Papyrus).  Pray for the Samaritans who are working on a strategy to reduce suicide – Prayer Alert.


For our town and villages:


* As the days get shorter and nights draw in, please pray for those who feel lonely and isolated; and for those who feel depressed during the winter months; that God will break through their darkness.

* Pray for all the emergency services; police, ambulance crews and first responders and fire-fighters; that God will keep them safe and give them strength and wisdom in the difficult jobs they do.

* Pray for the Open The Book teams, as they minister to primary school children.  For open hearts for the love of God to touch them.  For the work that our youth workers are doing at the Knutsford Academy; that God will impact the lives of the young people through the work that they do.

* For students starting at or returning to universities and colleges; that God will go before them and prepare them for their studies, in making new friends, etc.


For Cheshire East – Arise Cheshire East News:

* At this time of harvest, pray a blessing on the land and on the people; pray for our farmers - many face difficulty and uncertainty; also for the Agricultural Chaplaincy and the support that they give.

* Please pray that there will be no further extension to Sunday trading laws; and that plans to devolve decision-making to local authorities will be scrapped.

* A report last year found that Cheshire has the greatest discrepancy nationally between rich & poor.

* Accidents and deaths in traffic accidents are significantly higher than the national average.

* David Rutley MP has asked if we would continue to pray for those affected by the explosions at the mill in Bosley this year.  Please pray for those who have been bereaved, those who were injured and those who have lost their employment as a result; that they will find work.

* Please give thanks for all the wonderful children’s and young peoples’ ministries in Cheshire East; but please pray into the fact that we have 1) a higher-than-average rate for hospital admissions for alcohol/substance misuse and self-harm; 2) high numbers on child protection plans for abuse and neglect; and 3) a high rate of teenage pregnancy.


For our churches:


* Please pray for our pastors; that they will continue to walk closely with the Lord and follow His guidance.  For all who teach or share the Good News with others, e.g. lay preachers, junior church leaders; and all our youth workers, for their work in the community as well as in our churches.

* For all church councils of all denominations; that they will seek to find God’s will for their churches.

* For those who used to come to Church who are now housebound or in full time care.

* Pray for Hampers of Hope providing emergency food for people in crisis.

* For St John’s:  Please pray 1) for the Church Hill Cafe, now open five days a week; that it may be a means of outreach into the community. 2)  For the Oasis groups for mums and toddlers that meet three mornings weekly; that these may help the mums &  introduce them and their toddlers to the Lord Jesus. 3)  Pray that the work on the outside of the church building may soon be able to be put in operation and the finances for the project may be met. 4) For the launch of the Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal; that many may respond to the needs of children worldwide to help them have a happy Christmas.

* For KMC:  Please pray 1) for Dan Harris as he begins his work among us; 2) for Rev Andrew Lunn our new District Chairman as he begins work in the area; and 3) for Rob as he visits China with Bible Society and delivers Bibles to some of the more rural villages.

* For the KFGC:   For the Ladies’ Luncheon on Monday 5th October and for the speaker, Christal Berridge, the Instigator of Hampers of Hope, who will share her testimony. Also for the “Saturday Night Special” on 17th Oct; and for Bob Boler, who will be giving his testimony.

* For the Welcome:  Please pray for The Welcome Church as they seek new ways to reach out onto the estates of Longridge and Shaw Heath.  Please also pray for all those from the estates who have just started at new schools.


Thank you for praying – enjoy the autumn!


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