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Dear Friends,

I write this letter after the amazing time we shared together at our ‘2020’s Vision Review’ and AGM day. Whilst some might not have been too sure about the ‘Blues Brothers’ theme and the invitation to come to church wearing their sunglasses and black suit, I am sure that all who attended were encouraged by our time together.

One of the four elements of our circuit vision centres on evangelism and seeking to increase an awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s

love. This in turn means we need to:

• To grow numerically by developing confidence in evangelism, to be able to speak of God and our faith in ways that makes sense to all we meet in our daily life and work

• Use District resources to explore mission and evangelism issues

• Support churches as they explore new opportunities and fresh ways of being church in their communities

This past month has been an awesome time of discovering EVEN further revelation of God’s truth.

Gathering together the props for an Open the Book presentation can have its ups and downs, and I’m not just talking about the steps that enable us to reach the banners and storage boxes on the top shelf in what we OTB-ers call The Cupboard of Doom.

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