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Stories from people with genuine experiences of God's love.

I was born and lived in East Kilbride, 10 miles south of Glasgow, until my early twenties, moving over the border into Cumbria when I got married. We could still see Scotland from the bedroom window so all was well. When Tony’s job had him travelling up & down to Manchester we made the decision to move. Little did we know he would then spend most of his time travelling up & down to Cumbria.

I have been married to Christine for nearly 43 years and we have two adult children, Rebecca and Stuart. We moved to Chelford from Timperley 3 years ago, and were both welcomed into membership at KMC early in 2011.

Having been to ECG in 2008, I knew what to expect when I went again in 2009.  However, I certainly didn’t expect the life-changing experience I had whilst there.

It was the Wednesday night of the week and I was listening to a speaker in the Main Arena, Gavin Calver, and I was truly moved.  I sat there, quite calmly at first, listening to what he was saying about how important God was in his life.  Suddenly I felt myself welling up inside and before I knew it I was in tears.  Never have I felt such powerful emotion.  I was suddenly aware of just how much God loved me and how much I didn’t deserve his love.  My mind had a complete revelation, and I realised how much in the past year I had put myself before God and how much I had pushed him out of my life.

When I first established Knutsford Safety as a business in 2001 it didn’t occur to me that I might be doing God’s work. At the time I saw an opportunity to turn an interest into a career and was fortunate enough to see the business flourish. Over the years I have had the opportunity to share my passion for good health and safety with countless individuals and businesses.

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