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I'm sure like many of you, my thoughts are turning towards Spring. The nights are getting lighter and bulbs are appearing in the garden. The snowdrop being the first flower to appear. A time of fresh hope and new beginnings.

Nature and creation have always had a healing and restoring effect on me. It was about this time 15 years ago the Lord spoke to me so clearly through the snowdrops.

At the time I was visiting a lady on a weekly basis who had a small orchard next to the house. Upon one of my visits this lady told me to go and look through the window. The sight that was before me was of a carpet of beautiful snowdrops, and was truly a breath-taking sight. One I could have spent the rest of the day feasting my eyes on. That picture of beauty had a deep effect on me and stayed with me through the following week, and I pondered on it a great deal.

What struck me was the pure whiteness, it was dazzling and how vulnerable they were… open to the harsh cold elements, and how fragile they looked in the winter sunshine. I couldn't wait for my next visit. This was fast becoming a weekly fix. But I was not prepared for the sight that was before me.

All the snowdrops had been flattened by a hard frost and looked wiped out and dead. I was devastated and felt a deep sense of loss. Again, a sight that stayed with me through the following week. It was around this time I became aware the Lord was trying to get a message through to me. He seemed to be saying the pure whiteness represented purity. He wanted me as a pure clean vessel for Him to work through. The beauty of the snowdrops was how the Lord looked at me. I was beautiful in His sight. A thought that took a while to sink in. That I too was fragile and vulnerable, open to the buffetings of life that can knock the stuffing out of you, feeling knocked down and wondering if you will ever get back up again.

I was amazed at the sight that faced me on my next visit. These vulnerable, fragile little flowers that were all flattened and looked dead the week before were now up again and swaying in the gentle breeze. Who would have believed that such tiny little flowers could ever have recovered after the harsh frost. Instead they looked like tiny little soldiers standing straight and tall with one noticeable difference. Those in the shade had their heads down. Whilst those in the sunshine had their heads turned up towards the sun, almost as if they were smiling. It seemed the Lord was saying to stand in the sunshine of His Love and I would find strength - healing and wholeness.

I did share with a friend at the time that I felt the Lord was preparing me for whatever lay ahead. Which proved to be right and was a very painful time physically, mentally and emotionally. I could look back and remember His message, from which I did draw strength and renewed hope... and still do to this day.

The Lord has spoken to me many times since, but this was an occasion where it went very deep and was very special, and will always remain so, because it speaks of God's love, care and compassion. It also gave me the strength to pick myself up and dust myself down and keep on going. It's wonderful how the Lord can reveal Himself when we just take the time to stop - stand, stare and ponder...


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