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Bexton Lane House Group (Mondays)

Meeting Type: 

Group leader: Pete

Meets on two Mondays per month starting at 7.30pm.

The Monday Bexton Lane House Group is the joining together of an "old" group with the 2017 Alpha course.  Its members are at various stages on their Christian journeys, but come together in fellowship to learn and pray together.  Most attend Knutsford Methodist Church, but several other local churches of different denominations are represented.

Through lively discussions and respecting each other's views, we hope to gain insight into the meaning of a passage of scripture and its implications on how we live our lives.  We try not to get bogged down so that we discover the larger picture as well as the gems.  Because the group is quite large we usually spend some time discussing particular aspects of the passage in smaller groups or pairs so that everyone has a chance to have their say.  Often the issues raised are then discussed in the larger group.

We have decided to meet for study on two Mondays each month, but which they are depends on our other commitments.  About a dozen of us arrive between 7.15pm and 7.30pm and enjoy a chat over a drink and delicious cake.  Then we share prayer requests and the outcomes from previous prayer, where we have seen God's hand in healings and the granting of Visas for a mission to Africa.  Although we bring these to God during the meeting, we encourage each other to keep on praying between our meetings.  We aim to start the study at about 8.00pm and formally finish within an hour, making sure that we leave before 21.30pm.

When there are five Mondays in a month, we aim to "do something different" to enhance our fellowship together.  This is likely to involve sharing a meal together.